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Põhjaka Distillery


The first test jarful of Sea-Buckthorn Schnapps was prepared in our restaurant's kitchen many years before the idea of the Distillery was born. Improving the recipe by each brew, the Schnapps was offered to our customers to taste and the feedback was positive. So we decided to start preparing the drink for a larger public. The legal paperwork was somewhat tricky and took us many years but today we are proud to finally have our independent distillery set up next to Põhjaka Manor. Despite the larger quantities of the schnapps, it is still prepared handmade. At first we considered preparing the drink in collaboration with a bigger producer who would have all the necessary equipment but, realising our differences in approach and principles, we decided to set out on our own. Põhjaka’s Distillery was launched in early 2014.



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Põhjaka mõis, Mäeküla 72604, Paide vald, Järvamaa